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Flint Intricate guitars, exciting basslines, gorgeous horn sections and songs that sound like they flow wherever they want, rather than come off as precisely structured. Genuinely inspired and excellent. As the description for the album says, this is probably the only thing we'll hear from this project for now which is tragic - this is an amazing hidden treasure. Favorite track: Apocalypso.
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“Oh, I had a band back in college,” a tossed-off footnote for cocktail parties and brief, embarrassing small talk before meetings and first dates. It’s like a dash of aquamarine eyeliner—it’s there, no reason to unpack it, everyone gets it. You were young, stupid—drank all the time, didn’t have any real responsibilities. And, I suppose, if life is a maze and we spend our formative years searching for the one true path from beginning to end, this is a fair assessment—it means nothing because it has made no substantive contribution to the path you have stumbled upon. But I don’t think that’s fair.

The present is the wake of the past, each moment echoing and colliding with itself, churning up unseen truths about ourselves and the people we’ve known. And here, in this now, I can see beyond the ambition and our supposedly misplaced priorities: driving to Athens, begging for shows, paying too much for amps and guitars and drum racks(Clay). All of that washes out and you’re left with the reality of the music, and I could not be prouder of what this recording is and represents.

Is it good? Is it bad? At this point I’m completely incapable of objectivity—each note is laced with nostalgia and the musty, ear-ringing claustrophobia of that basement on Riverside Drive where we sweated through song after song, dreaming that it might mean something to someone beyond ourselves. See? It’s all very romantic for me at this point.

I know this isn’t a unique story—this country’s full of self-anointed Late Greats—but I guess I don’t care. I can look at this album and say we tried to make the best possible thing we could with the resources we had. There’s great and rare satisfaction in knowing this thing represents a full exertion of effort, and, listening to this again, I wonder if I still have the same capability for earnestness and unguarded optimism that I had when we wrote these songs and thought we could beat the odds.

Maybe this album will resonate with some people, maybe no one will care. Or maybe the past should remain passed, rather than a collection of possible presents and futures forever on hold. With that in mind, I do not place any burdens on this album beyond the truth of what it is—a record of the culmination of 4 years of love and friendship woven out of a creative collaboration that was set aside perhaps too soon but maybe at just the right time. There’s no way to know, but I guess that’s half the fun.



released January 15, 2015

Recorded at DARC studios in Athens, GA
Sound Engineering by Asa Leffer

Additional Recording at Old Capitol Recording in Tuscaloosa, AL
Sound Engineering by Russell Bush

Guitar, vocals -- Paavo Hanninen
Drums -- Clay Pence
Bass -- Russell Bush
Lead Guitar -- Micah Craine
French Horn, Synthesizer -- Beth Hataway

Songs written by Squirrelhouse
Lyrics by P. Hanninen

Thank you to everyone who had a part in the life and times of Squirrelhouse.



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Squirrelhouse Alabama

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Track Name: Show You
You come in my room in the middle of the night
You come in my room and you turn on the light
You say, there is a good book I think you should read
There is a garden I think you should see

I'm gonna show you
I'm gonna show you

You think you're a tiger, you smell like a wolf
You say come in close boy and take a better look
You say there is an ocean inside of me
I only know what I choose to see

I'm gonna show you
I'm gonna show you
Track Name: Jolene
I don't care if the world dies
I don't care those falling skies
I can't see the signs of the times
I can't see you by my side

I don't know who I am
I don't know I don't understand
I don't know what I see
I only know what I believe

Oh, Jolene, you said the world was ours
Oh, Jolene, you said we'd survive the war
Oh, Jolene, the fire ate your heart
Oh, Jolene, you know that we were dead from the start

I don't know where I am
I don't know I don't understand
I'm so scared out here alone
Oh, Jolene, why did you have to go?
Track Name: All That Shit
You go to all the parties
You make off with their love
They set their fires inside you
That you can't rise above
You can't rise above

It's all that
It's all that shit
It's all that

It's a sign, a sign, all you wanted was a sign
All you needed was a sign, a sign
Of anything good
A sign, a sign
Of anything good

It's all that shit
It's all that shit
It's all that shit
It's all that shit between you and me
Track Name: Let The Right One In
Why won't you ever let me come inside?
Why must I stay out in the cold and cry?
Why must you always be so cruel?
Why must you always play it cool?

Let the right one in

Sometimes at night beneath the dark of the moon
I become a man that you never knew
Does it ever cross your mind?
That maybe, baby, I'm just one of a kind?

Let the right one in

And why won't he ever, ever back down
And why can't we just leave this town?
And why won't you ever just let me cross that line?
And why can't you be forever mine?

Let the right one in
Track Name: You Don't Know
Oh you're such a soldier the way you play
With all your guns and knives
Out in the streets taking their lives
Oh you're such a soldier the way that you crawl yourself off to bed
With all those thoughts of god and war
Stuck in your head

But you, you don't know
You don't know

I'm gonna find you
I'm gonna hold you
Baby the fire inside me
Baby I told you

But you, you don't know
You don't know

You always told me that you would move on
You always told me that you didn't belong
Then the days came and they passed away
And you don't know
And you don't know
And you don't know
And you don't know
Track Name: Friends
All the talking
And all the years
That you disappeared

And all the answers
I never knew
And all the questions
You've put me through

But who's listening?

And all our daughters
And all their friends
Will never know
How this will end

But who's listening?
Track Name: Apocalypso
I looked in the book and I found your name
Called you on the wire but you didn't say a thing
Asked you for an answer, asked you for an answer
But you--

Asked your father where would you go
If the world was on fire and you were in love
He said danger is my daughter, danger is my daughter
But I, I don't know your face

But in the morning
Your body spins through space
Your body spins through space
Where there's nobody else
Where there's nobody else
And all you want
All you want...

And you know its coming, its coming soon
The end is near!
Oh you gotta get ready
Oh, it's right around the bend!

Oh, I can see them coming now!
All four!
Those four horsemen!

Oh my God!
Track Name: Monster (part 1)
Your momma was a hometown girl
She gave herself to the world

At night, you come to me
To learn what to believe

"Are you a monster?"

At night, we go out to see
The monster of belief
The river, girl, of what you know
Well, darling, don't let it show

"Are you a monster?"
(repeat many times)

Hush, hush, baby, hush
Hush, hush, baby, hush
The lights are coming down
The fire's gonna burn this town

"Are you a monster?"
(repeat many times)
Track Name: Monster (part 2)
I awoke in time to find
That your mother was by my side
And she told me she saw me across the sea
But I know that could never be me

But you want it
But you want it
But you want it
But you want it

I awoke in time to find
That your father was holding a knife
And he told me, "Son, you know it's time
For you to learn just how to die."

But you want it
But you want it
But you want it
But you want it

Oh, baby, no...
Oh, baby, no...
Oh, baby, don't...
Oh, baby, no...
Oh, baby, don't...